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Fight for the Future!!!

Well the trade deadline has come and gone. The Ducks are currently struggling for a playoff spot right now. This year, I can safely say that the Ducks were in a position to sell... and that's exactly what they did.

First up, Chris Pronger was removed from the trading block early in the day. That was a good sign since he does have another year left in the contract AND it also shows that Murray hasn't started waiving the white flag just yet. Plus, I'm sure Pronger would definitely be a bigger draw during the entry draft.

Just around noon, Brendan Morrison's short tenure with the Ducks have ended. The Dallas Stars claimed him off re-entry waivers. While the Ducks could have traded him for someone, his lackluster season wouldn't have fetched a whole heck of a lot. The Stars did the Ducks a favour by helping them shed some space in the salary cap. That's not saying much though. At least this will provide more opportunities for those young Ducklings to develop (as if there weren't enough AHLers on the squad already).

Steve Montador was moved early in the afternoon for Petteri Nokelainen. If your initial reaction was "who?", then you're not alone. Nokelainen isn't exactly a big name floating around the NHL. Steve Montador is having a great season with the Ducks... which begs the question... why was he moved? Well he is an upcoming UFA and with the possible shrinking salary cap, I'm sure the Ducks aren't willing to pay the extra cash. Murray wanted to get something out of this and in return he got a young guy (who is currently sidelined with an eye injury). Nokelainen isn't known to be a very productive player. He only has 3 assists in 33 games with the Bruins this year. He is still young and perhaps he will find his footing with the Ducks.

Later on, the Ducks moved prospect Eric O'Dell for the Thrasher's Erik Christensen. Well it's about time to throw a Canadian back onto the squad after shedding Montador and Morrison. Christensen is a good young player that can potentially fit in very well as a 3rd or 4th line center. He has a good face-off percentage, which will be very helpful. At the age of 25, Christensen is still young and he can potentially reach his peak in a year or two. Nice pick up for the Ducks... especially for what happens next.

Samuel Pahlsson was shipped to the Blackhawks along with Logan Stephenson and a conditional draft pick for James Wisnewski and prospect Petri Kontiola. With the loss of Montador, the Ducks needed to refill that missing man behind the blue line. Wisnewski is having a slow season but he is slowly climbing out of that hole. With Pahlsson gone, it definitely spells the end of the infamous shut down line for the Ducks. While Pahlsson is a good player, he doesn't seem to fit the Ducks' goal of getting younger (and better... since the current team is a shadow of the Stanley Cup winning team). 

With 1/3 of the shutdown line gone... it probably won't hurt to get rid of another member. Travis Moen was later moved to the San Jose Sharks along with Kent Huskins for prospects Nick Bonino, goalie Timo Pielmeier and a conditional draft pick. Once again, the Ducks are getting rid of their UFAs for a series of young guys that can potentially make it big someday. Huskins is a good defensive defenseman and he will be missed. Those two players will definitely help give San Jose a push for the cup. In the meantime, this is a nice opportunity for the Ducks to rebuild and perhaps make a crack for the playoffs this season.

With fewer UFAs it also spells some stability for the Ducks in the upcoming seasons. It also clears up some space to perhaps resign some of their own UFAs and perhaps take a crack at the free agents come July 1st.
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